Happy Patients

Paul G.



MY NEW FAVORITE DENTIST!!! Are you looking for a doctor of dental science who is interested primarily in the health of your gums and teeth and not in selling you cosmetic treatments? Are you looking for a friendly, inquisitive, doctor, who oozes integrity? Look no further. I had an unpleasant experience with a cleaning elsewhere. So I was feeling a bit squeamish about visiting another dentist. Dr. Docktor made me feel like I had walked into the cradle of care. His receptionist is friendly and easy to work with. His office is clean. The technology is up to date. And on top of all this, his rates for a consultation are reasonable, and… and… there is a delicious Jewish deli (Schlesinger’s) directly across from his office. Do yourself a favor. Go to Dr. Docktor, floss every day, and eat at Schlesinger’s. Everything will be as it should in the world!!!

Azucena R.

Washington, DC


I was suffering from severe pain for 1 1/2 days and was unable to get an appointment with my dentist given that he was out of town. I was referred to another dentist by his office that was also unavailable. My husband made an appointment with Michael Docktor’s office the same day to assess the problem. He and his staff were very kind and caring. Dr. Doctktor quickly had x-rays taken, reviewed my dental history with me, and assessed the situation. He informed me that it was likely I would need a root canal and asked if I would like for him to find someone to see me today if possible. I said yes (mind you this was a Friday morning at 11am). He called a few of his contacts and was able to obtain an appointment with an endodontist on my behalf within 5 minutes. From his office I was able to go to the endodontists to get a root canal. I am happy to report that the root canal was a success and I will definitely be returning to Dr. Docktor’s office for my crown. I am very grateful to Dr. Docktor and his staff for helping me out at a time when I was suffering from great pain. I had a pain free weekend thanks to Dr. Docktor’s guidance and referral.

Sid L.

Philadelphia, PA


I was in the process of making an appointment with my previous dentist for a cleaning, when her receptionist was nice enough to inform me that their office would no longer be accepting my insurance.

I had to look for a new dentist for the third time in 4 years (this is due to my employer’s changing my dental coverage every few years).

I went on my insurer’s website and found my current dentist and recalled that a few of my friends have already been his patient(s).

I showed up a little early for my appointment and was seen right away, and the hygienist (whose name I forget) was great! She was very thorough and was quite adept at removing the tobacco stains off my lower teeth.

Aside from the fact that my gums were bleeding like a stuck pig, the overall experience was a great one. I got to see the dentist himself for several minutes after my cleaning and he was very responsive and attentive to my queries.

My only hope is that he’ll continue to take my coverage and or my coverage won’t change yet again…

And also there are flat screen TVs in all the rooms, so I was able to catch up on the days news whilst getting my teeth worked on!.

Kate B.

Philadelphia, PA


You know, moving to a new place and having to find a new doctors/dentists can be a little scary. I have heard one too many horror stories. Thanks to Yelp, I found Docta Dokta, and I have to say, I like him even better than my previous.

The receptionist is so nice. The hygienist is hilarious and extremely thorough. And the dentist was very kind. We actually discussed evolution for a few minutes. Like Sid said, each room has its on tv conveniently place only a few inches from your face, so I got to watch the news during my cleaning.

Love love love it!! Go to this guy!

Emily D.

Philadelphia, PA


Overdue for a cleaning and new to Philadelphia, I cross-referenced my insurance provider’s list of dentists with Yelp’s reviews. Dr Docktor’s office was the only dentist’s office out of my list that had a human answer my phone call, so I scheduled an appointment.

Anna, the receptionist, is super friendly, helped me figure out my insurance situation, and fit me in for a cleaning within a few weeks. I’ve had to call her for a couple other things, and she’s been so pleasant to work with. Dr. Docktor and the hygienists were incredibly thorough and friendly, and you can tell this is a practice of just honest, good people, which I really appreciate in a healthcare provider. The office is tidy and has some local awards and plaques from Philadelphia Magazine & others. The rooms have skylights and generously sized TVs with MSNBC if you want to catch up on the news, but I had a really interesting conversation with a hygienist about sci-fi and special fx dentistry, which was pretty cool. The teeth cleaning was gentle despite my unflossed teeth and we talked (only briefly) about why flossing is logically important to prevent decay between teeth (why hasn’t anyone told me this before?!). Though the office itself is a little dated, all of the technology is very current, and they took digital x-rays of my teeth (something my former flashy dentist’s office didn’t do), which Dr enlarged on the screen. That was pretty interesting and helped me understand his recommendations.

I feel confident that the Dr and hygienists are going to keep my teeth in good shape, and I trust them if I ever need any major work done. I recommended the office to my dentist-averse friends, and will be going here as long as I’m in Philadelphia.

Jack M.

New York, NY


New to Philly? Parents aren’t scheduling your dental appointments for you anymore? Have no fear – Doctor Docktor and his team will make sure it all happens smoothly. They are wonderfully helpful, provide a great cleaning, gentle reminders about flossing, and they seem to take insurance.

I may try to go back more than every six months, just because Sharon (the hygienist) is so fun to chat with.


Philadelphia, PA


Love dr Docktor and his entire staff!

Elizabeth P.

Philadelphia, PA


I found Dr. Docktor through Yelp in search of a new dentist in the city. My previous dentist in the suburbs was so awesome, but too far to travel to. Unlike many dentists and doctors, Dr. Docktor takes his time with his patients to make sure that they are comfortable and having the best possible treatment for their teeth. The hygenists are also extremely careful and well-trained in their expertise. Even though I usually hate cleanings, my experience at Dr. Docktor’s was almost pleasant! I had to return a few days later for a small filling, and that wasn’t bad either! If you are looking for a superior and caring dentist, I highly recommend Dr. Docktor and his staff. They even give you a warm moist towel to wipe your face after your cleaning or treatment. First class care!